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Redefining the Art of Luxury Jewellery


Welcome to ODOZIAKUCHI where luxury meets craftsmanship in the world of exquisite jewellery.  Established with a commitment to timeless elegance, we craft extraordinary pieces that seamlessly merge faith with haute couture to bring about heirloom jewellery passed down generations…

Making sustainable timeless jewellery  with endless versatility and aesthetics we are driven to making fine jewellery that can be worn for everyday looks or occasional wear. We pride ourselves on being open and honest, staying true to our mission and to ourselves.


We are committed to using sustainable ways to aid preserve the future by seeking ways to influence our environment to bring about positive social economic impact, which in turn contributes to securing the future generations.

In a way we are going full circle, from being conscious and finding sustainable ways to lower our impact by investing in innovative techniques and contributing to communities in order to sustain continuous growth.


The name ODOZI ÀKÚ-CHI is codified from the Ibo tribe to mean – ‘’The Wealth Keeper of the Creator’’. From the dead sea scrolls to bible text, the story of creation has fascinated generations throughout history, the beginning of all things and how it came to be.
As we go through life, we are exposed to the inner workings of life and its complexities. We acknowledge the supernatural and the presence of a higher power, ‘’God’’ who brought all things to be, from the creation of all life forms to inanimate objects. We move through life understanding the way the Eco-system flows, how precious metals and gems come to be and reasons why they are so rare.
Throughout history precious metals have been used as commodities for trade due to their long-standing value enabling communities to establish trust. These natural precious metals were kept as a basis for long-term savings and assets. Over time these precious metals have evolved from trade commodities to becoming adornments and jewelleries of art to signify status symbol.
Founded by serial entrepreneur Chinwe, with the passion to deliver invaluable treasures , cherished by our customers and preserved for generations to come, she set out to create a brand which resonates timeless aesthetics and the art of preservation with the ultimate goal of leaving a positive mark in our communities..
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