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For every ODOZIAKUCHI jewellery purchased, a portion of our profits will be invested in  3 areas Education, Clean Water & Entrepreneurship, with a focus in Africa.

In a way we are going full circle, from being conscious and finding sustainable ways to lower our impact by investing in innovative techniques and contributing to communities in order to sustain continuous growth.


Children are the leaders of tomorrow, investing in education from early years guarantees the roadblocks for learning giving the children the opportunity and motivation to dream and achieve the careers they desire. By providing a safe environment for children to thrive, access to books and uniforms, whilst ensuring children have access to the basic care they require.

Clean water

Water is a vital source for living, and millions of people are still deprived of access to safe drinking water.

The absence of inadequate, or inappropriately managed water and sanitation services expose these communities to preventable health risks. 

We will invest in the necessary infrastructure to improve the lives of these communities by working with communities to create boreholes and rehabilitate existing once.


We will empower communities and provide them with support and facilitate means for them to learn life skills to encourage community growth that is sustainable and beneficial to the community as a whole.

Our aim is to see communities thrive and harness skills which are transferrable, which will in turn cause a ripple effect amongst people groups which then leads to transformational development and sustained growth. 

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