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A diamond cut is a key factor to consider when choosing your next piece of diamond jewelry.

By Chinwe, Chief Creative Officer

The quality of a diamond’s cut can greatly affect the look and brilliance. There are different styles that each have their own purpose, but many people choose to buy them based on this factor alone! Learn more about what you’re seeing when browsing through pieces in-store or online with our guide today so we hope it helps make up your mind before buying something special for yourself.
Constellation Pendant
Diamond Cuts

If you want your diamond to be as beautiful and sparkly on the outside as it is hardworking inside, then make sure that when polishing them they are always aligned with one another.

This will ensure optimal light enters each facet at all times which can lead not only brighter looking stones but also reduce any possible issues regarding glare from other gems or minerals in rock formations around us!

Serenity Band Ring
Diamond Cuts & Diamond Shapes

Brilliant Cuts: The difference between a diamond’s cut and shape can be best seen when considering their uses. The more facets an diamonds has, the less likely it is that light will escaping from beneath its surface; this makes them brighter in appearance (and value). A traditional round-shaped stone usually comes with 58 different peaks which make up its sides—although some rounds only feature 49 or 51 facial sections instead! In contrast to these classic designs for engagement rings there are several other options available such as ovals.

Modified Brilliant Cuts: Modified diamonds are a great way to add some flair and creativity with your engagement ring. These types of stones can be found in many different shapes, such as hearts or pears! For those who want something more unique you might consider having these modifications done instead – it will make the stone yours alone and ensure that no two people wear an identical ring anymore (which is always nice!).

Fancy cuts and Step Cuts: The most popular type of fancy-cut diamond is the rose cut, which has 12 or 24 facets to it. Rose diamonds were very fashionable during 16th century but are not seen much in modern jewellery nowadays because people want more specific shapes for their pieces rather than just going with any old round brilliant design. Step Cuts are a type of diamond cut that can be seen on stones with shapes like circles, squares and other straight lines. They’re often found in Emerald Cut or Asscher cuts for their interesting patterns to catch the eye!

Diamond Cuts and Grading

According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), diamond cuts can be graded on a scale of excellent to poor. There are seven elements that go into this grading:

  • Symmetry
  • Polish
  • Brightness
  • Weight Ratio
  • Durability
  • Fire
  • Scintillation
The 4C’s of Diamonds 
The four Cs that make up any given diamond are what determine its beauty and value. The cut refers to how it’s polished, while clarity tells you if there is any inclusion in the stone at all; color ranges from traditional near-colourless stones like H (High) grade diamonds down towards those with different hues such as blues or pinks – all of which come weighed according their carats so choose wisely when investing your money!
Our diamonds over 0.30ct come GIA certified. Our transparency guarantee allows customers to know the shortest distance their diamonds go from mine-to jewellery. It also assures high ethics and quality throughout supply chain. Ethical sourcing of materials is one thing that Odoziakuchi stands behind.



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